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Review by: Fiji Mermaid

Predators is the third official sequel to the Predator series of films following Predator and Predator 2, but it's the fifth film to feature them as they were in Alien vs Predator and Aliens vs Predator: Requiem. So for someone like me who loves the Predator character, there have been some fun films on the big screen over the last 24 years featuring the universe's most deadly hunter.

Predators steps away from the AVP films and stands as a straight up Predator movie with a good many call-backs to the original 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In that film there is an elite special forces team in the jungle being hunted by a a single Predator. This movie also has a human team in the jungle, but takes that original idea and kind of flips it around. In Predators, the team of people are individually dropped into the jungle and have no knowledge of each other. At first they are against each other, almost killing one another, but after talking realize that they are all highly trained killers who have been brought to the jungle. They form a loose alliance based on self-preservation. Whilewandering around the jungle, they discover a dead body, which appears to be a person similar to them who has been killed. Even more terrifying though, they also discover that they see they are no longer on Earth, but instead appear to be some kind of alien planet, which explains why everything doesn't quite look familiar or normal.

They decide there must be a way off the planet if someone brought them there. While they are walking through the jungle, they are chased and attacked by a pack of alien dogs. The fight is brief and the dogs are called away by a whistle. The leader of of the group figures out that the attack was merely a test of how they react when engaged, and that whoever brought them there is hunting them and this is only the first step in an attack on them. One of their team is taken at this time.

As they progress through the jungle they come into a very strange area that appears burned with skulls and other things tied to trees and strewn on the ground. A shocking discovery here is a Predator that looks nearly identical to the Predator in the '87 film. He's chained to a tree and stripped of his weapons and mask. They are then attacked by a team of Predators that are camouflaged, so in a similar way to how the marines first meeting with the monsters in Aliens ends with a real ass kicking, so do the humans here just run in fear. The Predators then turn off their camouflage, and we get a good look at the three of them.

The lone female of the group admits the Predator they saw tied up looks like the description Dutch, from the original Predator, gave to people and the leader of the group confesses why he hid when they were attacked. It was because he knew they were coming and he had to get an idea of how they fight to plan for a future meeting. The leader then hatches a plan to try to lure the Predators into a fight to attack them. As they continue through the jungle they meet with a human being who is wearing a Predator's mask, armor weapons, and has the ability to cloak himself. He takes the team to a safe place and explains he's the only person he's seen escape the Predators. He thinks he's been there 10 seasons. He tells them that there are two kinds of Predators here, and they seem to fight one another, like there is some kind of blood feud. This explains the Predator they saw tied to a tree. The new guy seems nice, but while the team sleeps he locks them into a room and tries to kill them by starting a fire. In the fire and the ensuing fight to escape, there is an explosion which alerts the Predators to the hidden living quarters.

The team makes a run for it as the Predators close in on them. One of the Predators captures the Russian soldier, but before the Predator can kill him, the Russian sets off some grenades, killing himself and the Predator in addition to completely destroying the human hideout. The humans continue to run, but the lead Predator known as the Berserker attacks. One of the humans, a serial killer, makes a valiant attack on the Predator with a knife, giving the rest of the team a little more time to get away. The next battle is the Asian gangster's battle, with a samurai sword, against the Falconer Predator using his wrist blades. The music and scene is a definite call back to the '87 film where Billy waits for the Predator on the bridge allowing his team to make a possible escape. The Asian gangster is able to kill the Predator, but not before receiving a life ending injury himself.

The human group is now down to three, the leader, the female, and a doctor. The doctor gets caught in a trap and the leader makes the decision to leave him, but the woman cannot leave the men trapped so she stays with him and tries to walk with the wounded man. The leader heads back to the first Predator they encountered and tries to communicate with him. He tells the Predator, he'll cut you free if the Predator will take him to a ship and get him off this planet. He feels the Predator understands so he frees him. While the female and doctor are walking through the jungle they are captured in a net trap that wraps them up and lifts them into a tree. The Berserker Predator shows up soon after. The Classic Predator then stands before the leader and puts on his armor and mask and starts a communication with a ship to land, but before there is any chance of escape the Berserker shows up for a Predator on Predator fight. After a crazy battle the Berserker comes out victorious and he blows up the ship we believe the human leader to have gotten into.

The doctor and the female see the ship blow up and realize their chances are low at surviving, so the doctor attacks the female with the intent of killing her. He infects her with some neruo-toxin that paralyzes her body. He confesses to liking it on the planet because he's a monster and he can be among them. Thankfully, the human leader didn't get on the ship and arrives to get the female out of the trap. She an barely speak and tries to warn him about the doctor, but he already knows the doctor can't be trusted and quickly attacks him and drags him him out to leave him as bait for the Berserker Predator. It works, and when the Berserker engages the doctor to claim another trophy, the leader sets off a trap he set that ignites a number of intense fires around the Predator. The leader then comes out covered in mud to fight the Predator. The mud and the combination of fires makes the Predator’s heat vision work against him and he can't see when the human comes in for an attack. The fires don't last forever though, and the leader's cover doesn't hide him so he's wounded by the Predator while crawling for safety.

The Berserker has him captured and ready to kill, but the female is able to get a shot off from her sniper rifle and wound the Predator. This gives the leader just the few seconds he needs to make a quick attack that seriously wounds the Predator. The leader then beats the Predator to death and kills him. He goes back to the female and they feel safe for the moment, but know that being trapped on the planet isn't safe and that they must stay together and look for a way out of there. They finally exchange names, as they never formerly introduced themselves.

This film was a fantastic sequel for the Predator films. It had a heavy dose of elements related to the original Predator, from similar scenes right down to the musical score, which I loved. Yet it was its own movie that had a fun story and great action. I would think hard core Predator fans would be very happy with this entry in the franchise, and from what I've heard people liked it more than the AVP films. I recommend it at least for one viewing.

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