Alien vs Predator

Alien vs Predator

Released 2004

Review by: Fiji Mermaid

"Whoever wins, we lose".

The movie that fans of the Alien and Predator franchises have been waiting for since the match up first appeared in the pages of a Dark Horse comic is finally here. This film, set in 2004, pits Predators and Aliens in a battle on Earth as opposed to a spaceship or alien planet. Lance Henricksen is brought back as Charles Bishop Weyland, forefather to the Weyland-Yutani corporation and the Bishop android seen in the movie "Aliens". He leads an expedition to Antarctica where his company has discovered an underground pyramid. They travel there and accidentally turn the pyramid "on" starting up a furnace and waking up an imprisoned Alien Queen who begins making eggs. A bunch of the expendable cast ends up in a room with facehuggers that allow a number of aliens to be birthed. The pyramid traps the remaining survivors inside with no visible way of escape. The pyramid also seems to rearrange its layout from time to time, making navigating through the passages confusing.

While this is happening underground, a small group of Predators have come to earth to visit the pyramid with the intent of hunting the new prey of aliens and humans. When the Predators first arrive inside the pyramid the attack they humans, but their attack is interrupted when the aliens show up and the battle quickly shifts from monster on monster fighting. Oddly and sadly for me the group of Predators is killed off fairly quickly by the aliens. The fights are pretty enjoyable, but only one Predator is left after the initial battles. The human group is slowly picked off as well. Finally it's the female lead and the last Predator that form an alliance to fight the aliens and escape the pyramid. I read lots of complaints about this aspect of the story that it seemed corny or unrealistic, but I don't think those critics read the original Aliens Vs Predator comic story. The movie differs greatly with many many things from the comic, but this element of the story is very much in that comic and I enjoyed that they kept that in the film. The Predator and female make it to the surface, but similar to how Aliens ending was, the Queen survives and there is a final battle between the Predator and the Queen, which is pretty well done despite much of the Queen being a CGI character in many spots. The Predator is killed by the queen, but not before he and the human female drop her over the edge of an icy cliff. A large spaceship lands shortly after and a group of Predators emerge and take their fallen comrade and leave the female with a weapon in a show of gratitude for the battle. This scene is callback to Predator 2's end.

Despite having may negative reviews and being a generally disliked film, I did enjoy the action aspects of the film. I'm a huge Alien and Predator fan and seeing them on the big screen battling it out despite a so-so story was very enjoyable. Unfortunately, many of the characters are formulaic and forgettable. You don't get the same feeling for the characters as you did in the original Predator, Alien or Aliens unfortunately. I would say this movie is still a must see if you are a big fan of these monsters or the comics which it's loosely based on. Many people have complained about the PG-13 rating of this film, but there is still enough violence and action to satisfy in my opinion. Although an R rating would have given more room to deliver what Predator and Alien fans were used to in the past. The follow up Aliens vs Predator: Requiem did go with an R-Rating and you can see a big difference.

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