Released 1986

Review by: Fiji Mermaid

This time it's war! Aliens is the sequel to the original sci-fi shocker Alien and my personal favorite of the four films in the series. Aliens begins with the discovery of the escape pod Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) used to escape from her main cargo ship that she battled an Alien on. The Alien was able to make it to her escape pod where she blasted out of the ship killing it. She tells "The Company" that finds her about the alien she escaped from and warns them to stay away from LV-426, only to be told that a number of colonist families are living there. After what appears to be an undetermined set of time on this new ship Ripley is contacted by one of the head Company guys, Burke, about a possible problem on LV-426. Ripley initially is against returning to the planet even though she is assured that she'll be protected by a team of experienced Colonial Marines. After waking up from a nightmare she calls Burke and agrees to join the team., which I believe is her way of wanting to face her fear and hopefully end the nightmares. A team of marines is organized with Burke and Ripley kind of heading up the team as she has the best experience and knowledge regarding the possible Aliens they may encounter.

The team arrives at the colony and finds it completely deserted. While wandering about they discover a lab that has facehuggers in sealed cases, some dead, some alive. This unfortunately confirms for Ripley that The Company is aware of the aliens to some degree. They eventually discover a young girl named Newt who appears to be the only human survivor of an Alien attack on the colonists. She's been able to keep safe by hiding in air-ducts in the complex. Shortly after finding Newt they locate on the computer systems a beacon of a group of personal tracking devices that were surgically implanted in the colonists. They proceed to that location and find a colonist wrapped up in some kind of cocoon. The colonist wakes up and begs the marines to kill her. Seconds later a face huggers bursts from her chest. Burke, Ripley and the Marine's leader watch the scene from a tank, as only the marines are out searching for colonists.

The marines use a flamethrower to burn the colonist and the baby alien. This triggers/wakes up the larger adult Aliens and they surprise attack the Marines all at once in wild out-of-control battle that kills most of the marines. The remaining marines quickly retreat knowing they are outmanned, unprepared and basically getting their asses kicked. Once the survivors are back with Burke and Ripley, they, against the wishes of Burke, want to immediately leave the planet and auto destroy the colonist complex from space. When their drop ship waiting outside flies to pick them up at the complex, with the plan to fly up to space to the main ship, it crashes and is completely destroyed. The pilot was killed by an Alien that snuck aboard. Now trapped on the planet the group must figure out not only how to survive, but figure a way to get off the planet. The android that is with them agrees to go out to a possibly dangerous location of the complex where there is a working computer that can call down another drop ship to pick them up. While they wait for this, Burke attempts to get Newt and Ripley impregnated with alien eggs from facehuggers he lets loose in a room they are in.

Ripley is able to alert the Marines to this and they realized that Burke's goal was to bring back the Aliens or ability to create them to use for the Company's weapons division. To him, Ripley and the rest of the team are expendable as long as he gets what he came for. While they argue about what to do with Burke, the Aliens mount an aggressive attack on the team killing most of them,including Burke. The remaining people in the group are Ripley, Hicks, and Newt. While trying to escape, Newt falls into a air shaft and slides to another area of the complex. Hicks and Ripley begin to track her based on a tracking bracelet she has on. They get to Newt moments too late as an Alien finds her and takes her to an area they have not yet seen. While on their way to meet Bishop, an Alien attacks and Hicks is seriously injured. Bishop takes Hicks while Ripley goes after Newt, but the complex is set to explode so she only has a set amount of time to find her and get back to the ship.

Ripley finds Newt in a large nesting room where there is a gigantic Alien queen laying eggs. Ripley takes Newt and then begins burning the eggs and shooting at the queen and firing grenades. They then take off for the drop ship, with an angry Alien queen on their heels. They reach the area where Bishop was waiting and he flies in and picks them up. They return to space that main ship. Ripley thanks Bishop for his help. A moment later the Queen's tail stabs through Bishop's chest and she lifts him up and rips him in two. The queen was able to stowaway on the drop ship before they left the planet. Ripley faces down the queen in a hand-to-hand battle using one of the large robotic loaders to attack the queen. The queen is dispatched being sent out of an air-lock very similar to what Ripley did to the Alien in the original film. Ripley helps Hicks, Bishop and Newt prepare or hypersleep and their trip back home. The film closes with them all sleeping and traveling through space.

Director James Cameron took a different approach with this sequel. Rather than rehashing the same plot as Alien and doing another sci-fi/horror film he made a sci-fi/action film which has a great story and special effects that still hold up today. This flick has a really different energy and tone from the original Alien, yet was able to pull in some of the same types of situations and elements from the original that made the movie fun, without it suffering from a been-there-done that boring type of viewing experience.

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