You're Next

You're Next

Released 2011

Review by: Fiji Mermaid

You’re Next is a horror/thriller from 2011. The story, initially, begins with a man and woman in a house hanging out listening to music. The man goes to take a shower and when he comes back out his girlfriend is nowhere to be seen. He sees the words “You’re Next” painted on his sliding glass door and before he has time to process what’s happening he’s dispatched by a masked intruder.

The film then jumps to a new day and introduces new characters, Paul and Aubrey, preparing one of the homes to host an anniversary party with their adult children and their spouses/partners. It’s established pretty quickly that we are to understand that Paul and Aubrey are quite wealthy, “pretty loaded” as one character puts it. Paul and Aubrey arrive at the host fist to get things cleaned up and organized before their children arrive. The focus of the children initially is on Crispin and his girlfriend Erin who arrive at the house the evening before the rest of the family. This allows for some nice character development and dialogue to set up the relationships between the children and with their parents. The evening of the anniversary party we are able to see all of the children together, whom up to this point we haven’t seen everyone interacting together. The dinner party brings out into the open that the children don’t get along in the least, it’s almost a non stop argument and tense vibe. The arguing is is brought to an abrupt and thankful halt. The boyfriend of one Paul and Aubrey’s daughters is shot in the head with an arrow that comes zinging through the window. It’s at this point the movie’s intensity gets turned up to 11.

There are three people making an attack on the family. They are dressed in black military outfits and have an assortment of weapons, crossbow, axe and machete. No guns, which I believe is because those weapons make too much noise. To disguise their faces, each attacker wheres an animal mask (lamb, tiger and fox). They don’t seem to be bumbling around with the attacks, they seem very organized and skilled at killing which makes them quite fearsome. The family members then go into survival mode. Some people being very proactive and others crying and panicking. I won’t go any further with the story as there are some great surprises and character development that I don’t think should be spoiled with a review. If you are fan of thrillers and slasher horror films I highly recommend checking this out.

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