Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Texas Chainsaw Massacre pt. 2

Released 1986

Review by: Fiji Mermaid

This is the sequel to a horror classic. I expected it to be pretty bad, as most sequels are, especially when they are sequels to classics. This one was a surprisingly decent one though.

The movie begins with some college kids calling a Texas radio show and hassling the DJ, Stretch. She tells them to stop calling. They play chicken with some “farmer’s” pick-up truck on the road and hang up. They call back later that night, hassling Stretch again. She tries to get them to hang up, but this time they meet up with the pick-up truck from earlier and find that messing with Texans is a bad idea. A strange freak emerges from the truck bed and begins chain sawing their car while both vehicles are going down the road. We then see that it’s Leatherface (just like I was hoping it was). Leatherface dispatches the kids, as he should, while Stretch listens over the phone. She also was recording the call to tape, and takes it to a policeman named Lefty (Dennis Hopper) to help him out because she read in the paper that he’s interested in these killings.

Lefty is a Texas policeman trying to hunt down the Sawyer (Leatherface) family from the first movie. His motivation is revenge for his niece, Sally Hardesty and her invalid brother Franklin, from the first movie. Lefty has Stretch play the audio of the murder over the radio. He hopes it will draw the killers out of hiding, and to the radio station after hearing it. Of course they fall for the trap, which is pretty flimsy in the first place. I mean how did they know the killers would be listening to the radio at that exact time? I guess without them hearing it we have no movie… so Leatherface and Chop Top show up at the radio station to kill Stretch.

Chop Top is played by Bill Mosely, who you may have seen in “House of 1000 Corpses” and/or “Devil’s Rejects” as Otis. Chop Top surprises the station manager and Leatherface goes after Stretch. Leatherface then falls in love with Stretch (I won’t go into detail about that scene, you’ll have to see that one for yourself) and decides not to kill her, but indicates to Chop Top that he killed her. The two leave the radio station and head back to their hide out, which is in an abandoned amusement park. Stretch follows them out there in her car and meets Lefty, who has purchased as few chainsaws which he plans to use in a battle with the crazed family.

Stretch falls through some hole in the ground booby trap, and falls right into Leatherface’s clutches where she is subjected to some gruesome form of dress up. Meanwhile, Lefty makes his way through the catacombs of the park chopping up random stuff with his chainsaw. Be sure to keep an eye out for a glimpse of skeletal Franklin in his wheelchair with a flashlight and everything. Lefty eventually emerges to a dinner scene where Grandpa is trying to kill Stretch via the “sledge”. Here the epic battle of chainsaws takes place between Lefty and Leatherface. Stretch escapes, pursued by Chop Top, with whom she has the fight of her life. The fight makes for an interesting ending for both the good and bad guys of this flick.

While not nearly as frightening as the original, it is by far the best TCM sequel/remake. I think this is mainly because it was written and directed by Tobe Hooper, the creator of the original. He was able to set up a different story and location than the original movie. The other sequels and remakes seem to basically just remake the original… poorly. Kids go to house, kids meet family, kids die… nothing we haven’t seen before. This one has a different plot and location, which made it stand out for me. Bill Mosely’s performance is pretty strange and is probably the best in the flick. Although not specifically said, I suspect he is playing the role of the Hitchhiker character from the first movie, because he talks and acts very much like that character. If you are TCM or slasher movie fan check this out if you haven’t seen it already.

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