Knocking on Death's Door

Knocking on Death's Door

Released 1999

Review by: Disco Hulk

Why, oh why, did I have to grab this movie out of the $5 bin at the grocery store? Was it because of Brian Bloom’s blue eyes staring at me from the cheesy teen mag posters taped up on my walls through most of the 80s? Was it because we had just seen Kill Bill and thought that since David Carradine rocked in that movie, he must be pretty good in this one too? I can’t explain my actions, but I will say that this is one of only about 4 DVDs I have ever regretted buying, and I’ve bought a lot of bad movies in my day.

In my defense, I used to be madly in love with Brian Bloom until I saw this movie. Also, the synopsis on the back of the DVD case sounds reasonable. A newly married couple moves into an allegedly haunted house to look for ghosts. So far so good. Except that the bride and groom are still students and the bride had an affair with their professor. Bloom knows about the affair and his jealous outbursts totally ruin the movie. Other things help ruin the movie too, like bad acting and weird characters who have nothing to do with the plot, but I can overlook things like that. Bloom’s behavior is ridiculously over the top and really detracts from the movie. It seems like this should be a horror movie with a subplot of a jealous husband, but it’s actually more of a jealous husband movie where they happen to live in a haunted house.

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