Fright Night

Fright Night

Released 1985

Review by: Fiji Mermaid

If I'm going to want to sit down and watch a vampire film, this is the one I'll pick every time. It's perfect to me. From the story, to the performances, and right down to the soundtrack. The story is about a high school student named Charlie Brewster who has a new neighbor move in next to his house. After seeing a couple of women visitors drop by the house and later show up on the news as missing he begins to wonder if there is something sinister going on with the neighbor. One night while studying in his room, Charlie sees across to the neighbors house and witnesses his neighbor about to take a vampiric bite out of a girl. Unfortunately for Charlie, the vampire, Jerry Dandridge has seen him as well. Charlie tries to get help from his friends Amy and Evil Ed telling them what he saw, but they don't believe him.

Jerry pays Charlie a visit to his bedroom and stating in very threatening terms that he's prepared to make a deal where they both go their separate ways and leave each other alone. Charlie does not go for this and makes an attempt to hurt Jerry. Here it's decided between them that it's kill or be killed. Thankfully Charlie's mom interrupts the fight and Jerry takes off for now. Charlie tries enlisting the help of horror film actor and tv show host Peter Vincent. Again, Charlie doesn't have any luck in convincing him that he's telling the truth. Charlie's friends later find Charlie prepared to try and go kill Jerry in the evening. They still don’t believe him, so they convince him to wait one more day and let them try to enlist Peter Vincent for help. They convince Peter to get in touch with Jerry, and to humor Charlie, he agrees to perform some kind of vampire test in front of everyone to prove Jerry isn’t a vampire. They give Jerry "holy water" to drink, which is actually just tap water. Jerry passes the test, but on the way out Jerry's home Peter Vincent notices that he doesn't cast a reflection in his mirror.

Jerry quickly realizes that Peter knows he's a vampire after finding a small broken piece of mirror on the floor after they all have left. He decides if there are more people that might know he's a vampire, that they must all be killed to protect himself. He then captures Evil Ed and turns him into a fellow vampire minion. He is able to get Amy away from Charlie and tells Charlie that he and Peter Vincent have to come get her at his house in a final showdown if they ever want to see her alive again.

Charlie and Peter agree to go and get Amy knowing that they are the only ones who can save her, because nobody will believe them. They go to Jerry's house and search for Amy. They are quickly discovered and beaten by Jerry's body guard, Billy Cole, and Peter runs from the house in terror. Charlie is dumped in a locked room with Amy who has already been turned into a vampire. Peter goes to Charlie's house hoping to get Charlie's mom's help, but instead he encounters a hiding Evil Ed fully vamped out and ready to kill. Peter is able to kill Ed by putting a piece of wood through his heart. This somehow changes Peter's attitude and he decides to rush back to Jerry's house to help Charlie and really do battle to beat these monsters. The final showdown takes place with Peter and Charlie using the rising sun as a weapon against Jerry. This flick has a pretty great story all the way through and it's one I've seen so many times I can't count anymore. This movie I would highly recommend if you haven't seen it.

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