Freddy vs Jason

Freddy vs Jason

Released 2003

Review by: Fiji Mermaid

This is the movie 80s horror fans waited a long time for--at least, this 80s horror fan did. A clash between two of the greatest horror icons of all time, it’s probably the biggest budget film from either of these franchises. Skip the corny remakes and watch this instead.

Freddy has been forgotten on Elm Street and has a strong desire to return to killing the kids there. However, his power comes from the fear his victims have of him. If they don’t remember him, they can’t be afraid, which leaves him powerless over them. So Freddy resurrects Jason Voorhees by impersonating his mother, and commands him to head to Elm street to kill and strike fear into the people there. Freddy’s plan works well at first, but he quickly realizes he can’t control Jason and that Jason is taking his victims. Now Freddy must stop Jason to ensure that he will be able to claim his own victims in the dream world.

Theatrical Trailer

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