Creepshow 2

Creepshow 2

Released 1987

Review by: Fiji Mermaid

"When the curtain goes up, the terror begins!"

Creepshow 2 is the sequel to the original Creepshow, which was directed by George Romero and based on stories by Stephen King. Creepshow 2 has a different director, but Romero was involved with screenplay writing credits. The stories are still based on Stephen King stories, which I felt was very important if there is to be a Creepshow sequel. This film has only three stories as opposed to the five stories featured in the original. There is an additional story that kind of wraps around each of the main stories, which is of a boy named Billy getting a new issue of Creepshow and ordering some meat eating plants and later being bullied by some neighborhood toughs.

The first main story is called "Old Chief Woodenhead". This is about an old couple that runs a "ma and pa" type grocery store somewhere in the southwest United States. Out front standing before the main entrance of the store is the titular Chief, a human sized wooden Native American statue. An elder from the local Native American tribe brings some jewelry to the old couple as payment on some debt. After some brief conversation the man leaves. Not long after some young men from the tribe show up demanding the jewelry. The leader of the gang is the nephew of the man who dropped off the jewelry. The old couple do not give up the jewelry and the nephew kills them both. The wooden statue then comes alive and hunts down the robbers and kills them all and takes back the jewelry and delivers it to the gang leaders uncle. The uncle goes out to the store and sees the statue holding his nephews scalp and he knows what has happened.

The second story is by far the most stand out of the three stories. "The Raft" is about four friends driving out to a remote lake to go swimming. The friends are Deke, his girlfriend Laverne, Randy, and his girlfriend Rachel. The time of year seems to be late in the season, because they make numerous references to how cold the air and water are. They get to the lake and immediately swim out to the raft floating in the middle of the small lake. Once they are on the raft Randy spots a duck that seems to be stuck and flailing in some weird oil like substance on the water. He points it out to the rest of the gang and they mostly laugh at him, but he seems concerned. Rachel bends down, and apparently hypnotized by the goo, puts her hand in it. Almost immediately, it shoots up and grabs her and pulls her in the water. The goo engulfs her whole body while she screams that it burns and she disappears under the water.

Terrified, the other friends try to figure out a plan. Deke says he will jump in and swim for shore, but the goo creature gets his foot through the cracks in the wooden rafter and pulls him right down through the raft before he has a chance. This leaves only Laverne and Randy, and the goo sits by the raft waiting. They both kneel down to rest and fall asleep. When they wake in the morning Randy sets Laverne down on her back and for some bizarre reason begins to molest her, his mind must be mush at this point because this is the most insane thing to do, let alone do while there is a monster under the raft. Thankfully Randy doesn't go to far with Laverne, because the monster gets her first, by the face, and pulls her into the water. Since she's as good as dead Randy jumps in the water and swims for it. He makes it to the beach with the monster close behind. Then in another brilliant move he sits at the edge of the water and scrams "I beat you" and the goo jumps up and pulls him into the water.

The third story is called “The Hitchhiker.” This is about a woman who is cheating on her husband with some gigolo dude and oversleeps during their latest rendezvous. She knows her husband will be home soon so she gets in her car and races for home. In her haste she loses control of the car and hits a hitchhiker at the side of the road. Scared she drives away from the scene leaving his dead body on the road. As she continues down the road the mangled hitchhiker appears and attacks her car and the rest of the episode is her driving home and trying to get this guy off her car. She hits a tree pinning his body. The passes out and when she comes to the guy is gone. She thinks she hit a tree and dreamt everything, and goes home. When she is in the garage the guy re-appears and attacks her. With the car running the garage door shuts. Her husband come home to find her dead in the car with the hitchhikers sign in her lap.

Overall I would say Creepshow 2 is an enjoyable watch, but not classic by any means. I find when I watch it I just fast forward to "The Raft" story, as that one is executed perfectly and really translated the short story on which it was based well to a movie presentation. If you are really digging this anthology vibe and haven't seen the film Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, I highly recommend that. It's basically Creepshow 3 with Romero at the helm featuring three weird/horrific stories. Yes, I am aware there is a real Creepshow 3 movie, but that is name only and does not have anyone from the originals involved, and from what I've heard it's total garbage.

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