Basket Case

Basket Case

Released 1982

Review by: Disco Hulk

What is the secret Duane (Kevin van Hentenryck) is hiding in the basket? It’s not clothes. It’s not Easter eggs either. It’s his detached Siamese twin brother Belial (a puppet!).

Duane was born with his Siamese twin brother Belial attached to the right side of his torso. Because Belial is basically a head with arms, only able to communicate with his brother telepathically, no one really expects him to survive after being surgically removed, and he is dumped in the trash immediately after. Belial does survive though, and tells Duane where to find him. Duane nurses Belial back to health and they go to New York City to take revenge on the doctors who performed the surgery.

They move into a dive motel with $25,000, and begin to hunt down and kill the doctors who played a part in the separation. Duane meets a girl named Sharon who is a receptionist at the office of one of the doctors, and they start dating. This allows Duane to see that he could have his own life and not be tied down to Belial.

Belial is upset by this, and when Duane shares a kiss with Sharon, Belial gets angry and trashes their hotel room. All the other guests run to the room to see what is happening, and one of the guests uses the opportunity to slip in and steal Duane’s cash. Belial kills the thief and escapes by hiding in the toilet until Duane finds him and puts back him in his basket. Afterward, in what is undoubtedly the funniest scene in the movie, Duane takes Belial to a bar where Duane gets drunk and tells the truth to his friend Josephine. She doesn’t believe him, of course, but we are shown some flashbacks of the boys’ history. Later that night, Belial sneaks into Josephine’s room at the hotel and steals a pair of her underwear.

The brothers’ relationship further deteriorates when Sharon visits Duane after she finds out the Doctor she worked for is dead. They try to make love, but Belial doesn’t allow it. Duane finally gets angry with Belial, and later dreams that he is making love to Sharon. He wakes up from the dream and realizes that it is actually Belial who is with her. Belial is not simply raping Sharon though, he is also killing her. Duane gets Belial and takes him back to the hotel where they get into a fight and fall out of a window. Presumably to their deaths, but as there are two sequels (which I haven’t seen), we can’t be sure.

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