The Union - The Business Behind Getting High

The Union: The Business

Behind Getting High

Released 2007

Review by: Disco Hulk

Although this documentary was filmed in Canada and primarily focuses on the highly profitable marijuana trade in British Columbia, most of the arguments presented for the legalization of marijuana are relevant to the US as well. I fell pretty strongly in the “legalize it and tax it” camp before seeing this, so while I didn’t find any exciting new information here, I did find everything interesting and well laid out. The pace is lively and the amusing clips interspersed throughout keep things moving along without disrupting the flow.

I would like to point out that this film had the unintended effect of changing my views on the legalization of marijuana. After watching it, I felt very strongly against legalizing it. I tried to get Fiji on board, but it apparently didn’t have the same effect on him.

  • me: We should totally move to British Columbia and start a grow-op.
  • Fiji: Why would we do that?
  • me: They make $20,000 a month selling it!
  • Fiji: That doesn’t even make sense. Who would we sell it to?
  • me: Who cares? We’ll find people. And if we can’t, we’ll just smoke it all and not care that we’re poor.
  • Fiji: Why would we want to? We don’t even smoke marijuana.
  • Me: But we do drink alcohol, which is addictive and can cause cirrhosis of the liver. And kills people.
  • Fiji: Anyway, I think it’s cold there.
  • Me: We’d have heat lamps.
  • Fiji: In the basement?

And this went on for about ten minutes until Fiji restarted the movie and refused to look at me. I’m pretty sure he’s upset because he feels like he is supposed to be the breadwinner of the family and wishes he’d thought of it first.

At any rate, the movie was entertaining, and I’d recommend it to people on either side of the legalization debate. It’s definitely more of an informational documentary that you’d watch once, unlike some of the more people oriented documentaries such as Grey Gardens or American Movie that you (I) could watch over and over.

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