Party Girl

Party Girl

Released 1995

Review by: Disco Hulk

This is one of those movies I’d always heard about, but never watched. It’s a very ‘90’s coming of age movie, so I always thought I would like it more than I did.

The main character, Mary, is played by Parker Posey. She’s living in New York and trying to make ends meet by throwing parties in her loft. As the movie begins, we see her getting arrested during one of these illegal parties. She has to borrow bail money from her godmother, who is a librarian, and who chastises her for being irresponsible. To prove that she isn’t, she takes a job at the library, where her godmother and the other employees are very critical of her.

Her apartment is very dark, and she stands around and dances a lot. I think she gets evicted, but I couldn’t really hear the dialogue because of the loud background music. Then she meets a guy who runs a food cart and goes on a couple of dates with him. He is foreign, and wants to marry her to get his green card. But then she gets drunk and forgets about their date and breaks into the library to learn the Dewey decimal system.

I’m not really very clear on that part of the movie. I guess I was probably drunk while we were watching it. We turned it off during a cheesy midnight montage of her studying in the library, and I don’t think we’ll ever finish it. If I had to guess, I’d say the rest of the movie probably goes something like this: She memorizes the Dewey decimal system and amazes her godmother and all the other library staff. Then she marries the foreigner and they fall in love, or maybe they just get married become great roommates. If want to know, you should probably watch the movie yourself.

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