Released 1999

Review by: Disco Hulk

I’m not sure if this movie is good or bad, but I’ll shamelessly admit that it’s one of my favorites, even though I’m not sure whether that’s because of or despite Rose McGowan’s overly dramatic delivery of her equally overly dramatic lines. It could be a total Heathers rip-off except that they give a lot of credit to Heathers in the booklet that comes with the DVD and in the movie commentary, so that means it was just inspired by Heathers, which is cool because I love that movie too.

The movie starts with three girls accidentally killing their friend Liz while playing a birthday prank on her. Of course it wouldn’t make for a very exciting plot if they went to the police and admitted their mistake right away, so instead Courtney (Rose McGowan), Julie (Rebecca Gayheart) and Foxy (Julie Benz) concoct an elaborate plan to put the dead girl back in her bed and make it look like someone else killed her. Unfortunately, dorky Fern (Judy Greer) from school discovers them in the dead girl’s bedroom and they have to make her popular so she won’t tell on them.

It turns out that Courtney and Foxy have hated Julie all along, so she’s forced out of their clique now that super popular Liz is out of the picture. Fern, who has been made over Clueless style, and now goes by the name Vylette, quickly takes her place until Courtney and Foxy eventually turn on her too. Abandoned by her friends, Julie begins sitting at the art table during lunch, where she meets Zach. Zach is an unpopular, yet attractive, young thespian and the two become friends.

Near the end of the movie, Julie is given a box of Liz’s things, and in the box is a card on which Courtney accidentally recorded herself saying “I killed the teen dream. Deal with it.” In amazing movie speed fashion, Julie is able to get ahold of Zach and Vylette, and they show up at the prom they hadn’t planned on attending, in evening wear, in a rented, chauffeur driven car, just as Courtney is being crowned prom queen. Zach’s drama background comes in handy here, and he plays the recording from the card over the loud speakers during Courtney’s acceptance speech. Humiliated, she runs out while the rest of the students pelt her with corsages.

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