Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Released 1985

Review by: Disco Hulk

Next to the Walkman and Tab, this movie is the coolest invention of the twentieth century. Maybe not as cool as Velcro, but definitely cooler than Lynne Stone’s bug hat. I mean, this movie was so cool they couldn’t even get permission to use the original version of the titular song.

Despite that, Girls Just Want to Have Fun remains one of my favorite 80s dance movies. It stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt before they were stars, Shannen Doherty before she started getting into fights with everyone and Lee Montgomery before… well, whatever he’s doing these days.

Janey (Sarah Jessica Parker) loves to dance and her new friend Lynne (Helen Hunt) helps her earn a place as finalist in a contest to see who will be the new Dance TV regulars. Lynne isn’t a very good dancer, but undoubtedly would have been a finalist too, had her dance partner not been paid by Natalie (Holly Gagnier), rich girl and future nemesis of Janey, to make her look bad. Natalie’s father conveniently owns the factory where Janey’s partner Jeff’s (Lee Montgomery) dad works and Natalie’s father threatens Jeff’s father’s job if he and Janey dance in the competition. Jeff and Janey do decide to dance anyway, with Jeff’s father’s blessing. They win the contest, along with the approval of Janey’s hard-nosed military father who was against it from the very beginning and unsuccessfully tried to keep her from dancing.

I grew up watching this movie, and while it’s not exactly classic, it’s a fun one that I still enjoy today.

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