Ghost World

Ghost World

Released 2001

Review by: Fiji Mermaid

Ghost World is the film based on the comic book series of the same name by Daniel Clowes. The story is about Enid and Rebecca, two high school friends who have just graduated from high school and are stepping into the next stage of their lives. Although they have plans to move into an apartment together, and Rebecca is set on that goal, Enid seems resistant to the idea as time passes.

While Rebecca plans to get a job and look for an apartment, Enid must attend summer school to complete an art class. While sitting around bored they find a classified ad a man posted looking for a woman he met and hopes to see again. Enid and Rebecca call the man, Seymour, and pretend to be the woman he's looking for. They set up a place to meet him go there just to see him and get a laugh, but end up feeling kind of bad, because he looks pretty sad.

Enid is curious about him, so she and Rebecca follow him to his apartment to try to find out more info about him. When they arrive, he is having a garage sale, selling old records with his roommate. The role of Seymour is played by Steve Buscemi, which is definitely worth noting, as this is one of my favorite roles he's done. Enid is even more interested in Seymour after that face to face meeting and decides to go back to his garage sale again by herself.

Enid and Seymour begin a strange friendship where Enid seems sorry for Seymour and wants to help him with his love life. She thinks he's a very interesting and strange guy which attracts her to him, but he thinks he's just some strange loner who collects records like a loser. Enid gets closer to Seymour while distancing herself from Rebecca, who has since gone on to get a job and started looking for apartments. When Rebecca tries to discuss these things with Enid, she claims she'll get a job next week, no problem and the plan is still going full steam ahead, but you can sense she's not being genuine and is re-thinking the plan they came up with. Enid does make good on her promise to Rebecca and gets a job shortly after, at a movie theater, but only lasts her first day and is fired after not being able to follow instruction from her manager. She has a fight with Rebecca after she admits she doesn't really want to move in together.

Enid's art class is not going smoothly either. The teacher doesn't seem to get Enid's style of art and expression, which is frustrating to Enid. Enid finds out that Seymour works for the coporate office of a fast food chain that has some racist roots, and he has many old ads and menus from those days. Enid takes one of the original logos and brings it into her class where it appears to offend people. This "found art object" turns it around for Enid in class though, because the teacher sees her taking what she perceives as a deeper thought process into art. This triggers the teacher to really give Enid a second look and try to get her a scholarship into an art academy.

The woman from the ad who Enid originally impersonated on the phone calls Seymour one day, and Enid insists he give her a call and talk to her and see what they can make of it. Enid's excitement at Seymour's love life is short lived as he begins spending more time with this woman, Dana, instead of with Enid. A strange jealously develops because Enid doesn't care for Dana and how Seymour seems when he's with her. The art class side of things also begins to come unhinged when Enid's "found art object" of the fast food chain logo stirs censorship when it's entered in an Art Show in town. Enid tries to recruit Seymour as her "date", but he declines her invite because of Dana's apparent dislike of Enid. She storms off only to return to Seymour's apartment later. They begin drinking and before you know it they are waking up in Seymour's bed. Seymour now seems quite smitten with Enid, but Enid now seems to want to take off in a hurry, despite her drunk suggestion of them living together.

Enid goes back to Rebecca and tells her she now wants to stick to the original plan, but Rebecca, who has moved on and found an apartment, is hesitant because she's heard this song and dance before. Seymour tries to track down Enid because he is falling in love with her and has ended his relationship with Dana. While looking for Enid, Seymour ends up in the hospital after getting into a fight with one of Enid’s male friends after Rebecca tells him they only contacted him as a joke. Enid visits Seymour in the hospital to tell him he’s her hero, and that their friendship wasn’t a joke, but ultimately decides that the two paths of Seymour and Rebecca are not for her. The final scene shows Enid fulfilling her fantasy of going away, by heading into the unknown on a “ghost” bus.

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