The Road Warrior

The Road Warrior

Released 1981

Review by: Fiji Mermaid

This is the second film in the Mad Max Trilogy. The plot of this movie is about a Max a loner out in the Wasteland (the near future after a large scale war killed most people and sent the world into a strange primitive world with knowledge and leftover technology that remained). The most valuable resource in this world is gasoline/oil for the number of machines still usable. People will kill for it, which doesn’t sound to far off from our present time.

Max comes upon a small barricaded village that appears to be pumping oil and creating gasoline. He spies on them to see if perhaps he can get some gas for himself. He ends up seeing an evil band of crazy men attack the villagers and kill them for their gas. A guy named The Humongous leads the crazies, he looks like Jason Vorhees and a WWF wrestler mixed together. Max goes to the aid of the victims and brings them back to their village. Once in the village he learns of their plans to take a substantial amount of gasoline out of their village and move it 2000 miles away. They begin to be attacked by the crazies by this time and know they can’t hold them off forever. Max agrees to help them if he can get his car filled up and two large barrels of gas. He must drive a semi truck that can pull the tanker they have. This is a dangerous task because The Humongous is aware of their plan and is making an attack on the village in attempt to get the gasoline. It's a precious commodity and everyone and everything is expendable.

This is a great flick depicting the ravaged horrible future rather than shiny spaceships and space travel. The action scenes are spectacular. No CGI here, it’s the real deal folks.

When I think of action like this versus the age of CGI, this dialogue from the movie Death Proof comes to mind.

Stuntman Mike: How do you think they accomplish that?

Pam: CGI?

Stuntman Mike: Well, nowadays unfortunately you're right more often than not. But back in the all or nothing days, the Vanishing Point days, the Dirty Mary Crazy Larry days, the White Line Fever days, they had real cars crashing into real cars and real dumb people driving em.

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