Hobo With a Shotgun

Hobo With a Shotgun

Released 2011

Review by: Fiji Mermaid

Normally I wouldn't date when I wrote a particular review, but for this flick I want to say it's October, 2011 and I've just watched it. I have to say it's one of the best, wild, out there films I've seen in years. Whenever I hear a bad review about it, it’s usually directed at the gore and all out madness of the film, or the way it looks like an old 70s flick. Those reviews actually make it sound good to me, especially in the current landscape of so many films getting the remake treatment.

The flick opens with the titular hobo, entering a new city. The city is controlled by evil criminal enterpriser, Drake. He appears to have the entire city in his pocket, criminals and officers of the law. Right off the bat we are treated to how he deals with those who oppose him. He murders some dude with the help of his sons, Slick and Ivan, on a public street, forcing onlookers to watch the carnage. This isn't your run of the mill gunning a guy down in the street. He's fitted with a manhole cover neck brace and dropped into an open manhole. A barbed wife noose is wrapped around his neck and tied to the bumper of a truck, which is used to tear off his head. The hobo watches along with everyone else in a state of bewilderment.

The film then shows some more of the local madness that the town has to offer, with the crime gang and other lowlifes on the street taking advantage of the weak and poor. One of Drake's sons, Slick, meets a hooker that he plans to have some "fun". His brand of “fun” appears to include her death, but the hobo is there and steps in just in time to save her from trouble. Since people don't usually stand up to the brothers they are prepared to go after him to make an example of him that they are not to be crossed. He's caught and nearly killed by them, but Abby, the hooker he saved earlier, comes to his rescue. She takes him to her apartment to help him, and it's during this time they are able to talk and become friends as neither of them seem to have any.

The hobo takes off the following morning and plans to earn some money on the street, enough to go buy a lawnmower he had his eye on. It is his plan to buy the mower and then do peoples’ lawns for money. While at the pawn shop, some local thugs come in with guns and threaten everybody, demanding money. The hobo grabs a shotgun off the wall and kills them, then pays for the gun.

With a taste for revenge he goes on a rampage, killing local thugs and members of Drake's crew. Drake's sons track the hobo to Abby's apartment and nearly kill them. The hobo is able to escape, save Abby (barely), and kill Slick. This makes Drake even angrier, and he calls in a duo named The Plague to hunt down the hobo. Their appearance is one of my favorite parts of the flick. They look like like characters out of the Road Warrior, but scarier. They appear to be some kind of super killers for hire. Although I must ask, why Drake didn’t call them in from the get-go, but it's only a movie so I can let that go.

The Plague capture the hobo and bring him to Drake, so that he can be murdered publicly in some grisly fashion. Abby shows up suited for battle and is able to free the hobo and do battle with Drake and the Plague. It's a bloody battle up until the very end, and for a flick like this, thankfully it doesn't end on the happiest of notes. There are no shiny neighborhoods, picket fences and lawn mowing jobs for the hobo with Abby serving him iced tea.

I would highly recommend checking this out if you enjoy wild and crazy flicks! This one is not to be missed.

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