Released 1988

Review by: Fiji Mermaid

This is one of my favorite martial arts movies, and certainly Van Damme’s best. I’m not a big martial arts movie buff, but I do enjoy some of these types of movies. This movie is about American, Frank Dux, traveling to Hong Kong to compete in an underground full-contact fighting competition called the Kumite. Frank ultimately must battle the long time champ Chong Li, who has killed people in previous fights. The sub-plot to this movie is that he is being trailed by the U.S. Government because they don’t want him to compete.

The fight scenes are spectacular, perhaps over the top at points but great fun to see on film. This movie isn’t heavy on acting and a deep story, but it’s the fight scenes that have kept this film in people’s consciousness. A few notable appearances are Donald Gibb (Revenge of the Nerd’s “Ogre”) and Forest Whitaker in an early role. If you’ve seen the countless martial arts/fighting movies that have come over the past many years check out this one. One that in my opinion started the whole “different types of fighters pitted against one-another” direction many martial arts movies went to in the 90s.

Theatrical Trailer

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